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About SidewalkSnap

SidewalkSnap was developed to empower people to make a difference in their communities and to help put an end to hazardous sidewalks. Using three simple steps - SEE IT. SNAP IT. SEND IT. - SidewalkSnap gives people the opportunity to help make neighborhoods a safer and more desirable place for everyone to live, work and play. Once images are sent, the SidewalkSnap Team will notify the responsible party that there’s a potential problem. It’s time to get “snap”ing!

About the Sponsor, The Barnes Firm

The Barnes Firm is one of America’s largest injury law firms, fighting for injured victims who have suffered serious injuries that were likely preventable. The Firm is eager to see communities come together and use SidewalkSnap to help keep their neighborhoods safe and prevent injuries.

If you’ve been injured due to a hazardous sidewalk, contact The Barnes Firm at (800) 800-0000 and find out what your case is worth – it could be the best call you make.

SIDEWALK SNAP – Helping to make city sidewalks and neighborhoods safer

Help Make City Sidewalks Safer with SidewalkSnap presented by The Barnes Firm

The broken and cracked sidewalks that line our neighborhoods can be hazardous. People of all ages rely on sidewalks as a means of transportation and recreation, and neglecting to repair them can result in unfortunate situations.